This is NOT a science lesson

We know the cause - this podcast is all about the effects.

The evidence is compelling. You don't need to be a scientist or environmentalist to understand the man-made consequences that are impacting our daily lives with greater frequency around the globe. From the killer heatwave in British Columbia, to the catastrophic and historic flooding in Pakistan - our world has changed.

Nature is scrambling to establish a new balance as a result of our collective exploitation of the planet with disastrous intensity.  The burning of fossil fuels, the annihilation of the animal kingdom, unimaginable islands of floating garbage in our oceans, we have left nothing untouched.

Maybe you haven't experienced a record strong hurricane, or lived in a region ravaged by wildfires, but think back to last summer's heatwaves? What  about your grocery bill?  The prices of certain foods have soared because of drought or too much rain.  Do you have home insurance? If the trend continues some homes may be deemed uninsurable as urban flooding is becoming the new norm. Do you have seasonal allergies?  Those are intensifying too. How about coffee?  That favourite jolt of java is also threatened as bean growers struggle with increasingly reduced yields, including ones that supply the world’s biggest coffee chains.  And, did you know, the warming of the planet has even started to affect how police solve crimes? 
We explore it all here, on The Big Blue Marble. 
Join Anwar Knight, one of Canada's most loved forecasters and affable TV personalities as he welcomes provocative guests for an unprecedented spin around The Big Blue Marble. Listen along as he presents a front-line view of what’s happening right now on our planet and the efforts to help save it. 

This is one podcast you need to listen to.

Be informed, be enlightened and most importantly be inspired to do your part to save The Big Blue Marble.

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Your Host: Anwar Knight

For decades, Anwar Knight has been tracking nature. He has forecasted endless sunny days, severe storms and with alarmingly increased frequency, extreme weather, on Canada's most watched newscast, CTV News Toronto. Insatiably curious, Anwar is an incredible story teller. His genuine, warm and engaging personality is a favourite with television viewers nationwide. A passionate eco ambassador, Anwar has utilized his broadcast platform to help inform his viewers of the immense changes and stresses that nature is undergoing. His efforts were honoured by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority, awarding him the prestigious Environmental Awareness Award. 

He has explored some of the world's most complex and important ecosystems including trekking through the everglades with alligators, roaming through lush rainforests in St. Lucia and hiking the Tilaran mountain region of Costa Rica - a rainforest so dense it takes minutes for a single raindrop to reach the forest floor.  Anwar is a certificate member of the Climate Reporting Master Class from Climate Matters in the Newsroom.  As a proud dad of two young, adventurous and nature loving boys, Anwar hopes his efforts will help propel crucial action to help the earth.



"Nature does nothing uselessly" ....


Undeniable stories of our changing planet, and the amazing people trying to save it.

  • Report on climate change shows Canada warming at TWICE the rate than the rest of world. On average, temperatures in Canada have increased by 1.7 degrees (since records began in 1948).

  • Experts believe there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050. Globally, more plastic has been produced over the last decade than the entire century before it.

  • For decades conservationists in Kenya have struggled to protect African Elephants from poachers and habitat loss. Finally their efforts appear to paying off. The Reteti Elephant Sanctuary takes in orphaned elephants with a goal of releasing them back into the wild.

  • Truly honoured to receive this prestigious “Environmental Awareness” Award from Credit Valley Conservation Authority. In an era of rapid climate change, conservation authorities are important agencies tasked with protecting Ontario's fragile ecosystems. I look forward to propelling additional awareness on your ongoing efforts to protect and restore this very important watershed.

  • The research, the science and the impacts of climate change are being constantly updated. Anwar is a certificate member of the Climate Reporting Master Class from Climate Matters in the Newsroom. He continues to follow the research and inform the public with passion and accuracy.

  • Anwar’s gift is authenticity. You can’t help but let his affable nature open your ears, eyes, and heart to the wonders he’s sharing with you. Connect with Anwar here.

Word on the street...

  • Wow what great experience, I love it! Anwar's podcast puts everything into perspective. I am inspired to get involved. Keep em coming!
    Mary D'Breans
  • A long time fan! I always enjoy your work on television and radio, so glad I found your podcast . Your Greenland ice melt episode was fascinating. Thanks for doing this show!
    Pat McCarder
  • This is a fun show to listen to! I love hearing your kids on the show and your personal stories. You make serious situations easy to understand with out being "preachy". I appreciate your knowledge and passion to inspire others. Together we can help our planet heal. THANK YOU ANWAR! Listening in from Victoria!
    Sheila Franks
  • My son is studying Environmental and Sustainability at UNBC and passed along this podcast to me. It's absolutely fascinating. I have learned so much.
    Cheryl Bascur

..."The earth is what we all have in common"

Wendell Berry

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