Grannies Take A Grand Stand For Climate Change | Episode 24

With Helena Kääriäinen, Research Professor and Founding Member of Activist Grannies in Helsinki Finland

With age comes wisdom – and twelve Finnish grandmothers hope to share some of it! On this episode of The Big Blue Marble we learn how a casual “meet up” for coffee has now grown into a trans-generational movement to help save our planet.  In just a couple of years (including through COVID), Aktivistimummot (Finnish for Activist Grannies) have mastered a unique and endearing connection with the public. “The word Granny is somehow sacred, everyone has had a grandmother and how can anyone say bad things about a granny”, says Helena Kääriäinen, Research Professor at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki and one of the founding members. “We worry about climate change and biodiversity issues and also the depression and anxiety by young people. We need to try to do something.” Kääriäinen adds.

Image: Hand drawn portraits by some of the grandchildren of Aktivistimummot members.


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