World Gorilla Day LIVE | Episode 17

“It seems very unfair that man should have chosen the Gorilla to symbolize everything that is aggressive and violent.
When that is the one thing that the Gorilla is not and that we are.”
Sir Richard Attenborough

Gorillas are truly gentle giants, yet have struggled to exist for decades, thanks to human interference. The animals are hunted and injured by traps just as they are forced from their habitats for commercial enterprise. Despite being human’s closest cousins, with over 90 per cent of their DNA being the same as ours, they are critically endangered.

On this special edition of the Big Blue Marble Podcast, (streaming LIVE from the Toronto Zoo) we celebrate World Gorilla Day. Today, we will learn what threatens them most, how one of your most common possessions could help save them and get a behind-the-scenes perspective on one of Canada’s most iconic Gorillas – long-time zoo resident, Charles.

Photo Credit: Toronto Zoo


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Ways to help save Gorillas, Gorilla Conservation

Phone Apes Program at the Toronto Zoo

You can drop off your cell phones at:

  • Guest Services, front entrance
  • Education/volunteer centre
  • You may also be able to mail in your phones – contact
  1. Other Organizations

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund

Great Ape Alliance

Full Interview Transcript