A Crisis On Climate Coverage | Episode 4

With Sean Holman, Associate Professor of Journalism, Mount Royal University

“Its the biggest story of our time and if these failures continue, journalists will be contributing to the deaths of millions.”
With quotes like that, a journalism professor is making headlines of his own. Sean Holman, Associate Professor of Journalism at Mount Royal University,penned an open letter calling on the media to make immediate changes to their coverage of the climate crisis. The message has been shared thousands of times on social media, and comes with a warning to journalists – Holman believes they’re failing when it comes to coverage of the climate crisis.
Just, how should the media be covering the climate? And, at what point does society take responsibility for its own self awareness on what is unfolding?
On this turn of the Big Blue Marble, our guest reveals his thoughts on the issue of climate change coverage and offers up a possible solution for the average Canadian. As a hint – your local burger joint will not be impressed!
Be sure to let me your thoughts on this – and you’ll never guess what the new owner of my old house did?!  All the torrid details, on this episode of the Big Blue Marble.
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