Earth’s Black Box | Episode 28

With Henry Curchod, The Glue Society,

Alone and quiet in an undisclosed location in Tasmania, sits Earth’s Black Box. This massive fortified structure is loaded with sophisticated technology that will operate uninterrupted for decades, perhaps centuries. “There is so much data that is going to being recorded, we have set up a list of 500 different measurements that are widely considered to be the most important metrics on the health of our planet relating to human’s involvement to climate change” says Henry Curchod, of The Glue Society, an independent creative collective and a collaborating partner in the black box project.  

Like the black box of an airplane that offers answers following a disaster, the goal of Earth’s Black Box is to extend answers on what lead humanity into a climate change catastrophe.   

“We are expecting someone to need this one day,” says Curchod. That is the reality we’ll explore as we delve into Earth’s Black Box. This project is a scientific and technologic marvel – all meant to tell earth’s story, without us.  





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