Gutting The Greenbelt With Bill 23 | Episode 32

With Phil Pothen, Ontario Environment Program Manager at Environmental Defence,

The world’s largest greenbelt now has a target squarely on its fertile soil.

The Government of Ontario has tabled Bill 23, which will weaken crucial environmental protection and remove public consultation before development. The new law effectively strips taxpayer’s rights as community members will no longer be allowed to participate in development decisions that affect their neighborhoods, local farms and natural areas.

 “It is very clear there is no valid public interest justification for expanding beyond the land we have already allocated for growth with our existing boundaries. This makes sense only for turning multi-millionaires into multi-billionaires” says Phil Pothen, Ontario Environment Program Manager at Environmental Defence.

Join me to learn more about Bill 23 and why it could have a disastrous impact on the future of Ontario.


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