Mirror Mirror : Global Bird Rescue | Episode 30

With Michael Mesure, Co-Founder and Executive Director FLAP Canada

Bird migrations are one of nature’s great wonders – using ancient routes, migratory birds track thousands of kilometres. Sadly, not all are successful as these tiny winged creatures face unprecedented urban dangers. At peak migration, it is estimated that 4 billion birds must navigate through glass-covered cities and other built-up environments across North America.

Glass collisions take a staggering toll on birds, threatening common and rare species alike. 25 MILLION migratory birds die in Canada each year due to collisions with buildings.

 Join me as we welcome Michael Mesure, Co-Founder of Flap Canada, as the organization launches its annual Global Bird Rescue initiative. This worldwide event empowers everyday people to make a difference for migrating birds.

“Birds control our insect populations, they distribute seeds, they pollinate plants – when they are gone we are in trouble.” says Mesure.

Find out how to make your home bird safe and take part in the Global Bird Rescue October 3-9, 2022, on this episode of the Big Blue Marble.


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