Shades of Green: The Truth Behind Greenwashing | Episode 35

With Wren Montgomery, Associate Professor of Management & Sustainability, Ivey Business School at Western University

As global awareness of issues like deforestation, ocean pollution and extreme weather events grows, consumers are looking for more ways to reduce their environmental impact. While businesses are quick to capitalize on the trend, it doesn’t necessarily mean their products actually fit the bill.
“Canadians want to find and support genuine eco products, but there are companies that are tricking and lying to us. It is shocking and we need to do a lot more,” says Wren Montgomery, Associate Professor of Sustainability, The Ivey Business School at Western University. From misleading claims to exaggerated eco-friendly initiatives, greenwashing is a prevalent issue in today’s consumer landscape.
“There is no universal environmental standard. This really is the problem, even for companies who are doing the right thing,” concludes Montgomery.
On this episode of The Big Blue Marble Podcast, we reveal how complex greenwashing has become, what you can you do about it and uncover what is means for consumers and the environment in the long run.
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