An Antidote For Chaos : Forest Bathing | Episode 13

With David Motzenbecker, Certified Forest Therapy Guide,

Unwind, connect with nature and improve health with the scientifically proven benefits of forest bathing. The ancient Japanese practice of “Shin Rin Yoku” can help reduce blood pressure, stress levels and pulse rate. In the midst of this unprecedented chaos, this may be just the thing we all need right now.

“We have nurtured ourselves to be in an incessantly low level state of fight or flight. Our nervous systems, our bodies were not designed to be in that constant state of stress, and it’s bad for us,” says David Motzenbecker, a certified forest therapy guide.

On this episode of The Big Blue Marble we take a calming walk through the woods to discover just how easy it is to see and feel the remarkable benefits of forest bathing.




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