Kids and Climate Anxiety | Episode 12

With Dr. Katie Hayes, Climate Change and Mental Health Researcher

Millions of children and teens around the world have rallied in support of the Climate Strike movement started by Swedish teen, Greta Thuneberg. For some, these protests are an opportunity to take control and express feelings of anger, fear and despair as the threat of an uncertain future on earth causes distress in many. These stressors are appearing more pervasive in youths than most adults realize. 

Climate change and mental health researcher, Dr. Katie Hayes, says that, “Children and youth are seeing the state of climate devastation with eyes wide open, and they are are also seeing slow action to really address the issue. For many youth, its feelings of worry, sadness and they are struggling with optimism.” Thankfully, there is hope, says Dr. Hayes, “Climate change and mental health is an all hands on deck issue, it can’t be done by one person, one parent, one school, one doctor and increasingly we are seeing the tools to support professionals.”

On this episode of The Big Blue Marble, we explore the prevalence of eco-anxiety in kids, and most importantly, how we can support them, including resources that offer help. 



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