Canada’s Whale Sanctuary | Episode 25

With Charles Vinick, Executive Director, The Whale Sanctuary Project

A 40 hectare inlet in Nova Scotia is about to become home for some newly retired inhabitants. As a way to offer a new life to whales that have been rescued from entertainment parks, a nonprofit group is preparing a seaside sanctuary, which will be a North American first. 
Worldwide, there are currently more than 3,000 whales and dolphins in captivity. “Our focus is on Orcas and Belugas because they suffer more than any other species – they suffer tremendously in captivity.” says Charles Vinick, Executive Director of The Whale Sanctuary Project.
In this episode of The Big Blue Marble, we explore how the sanctuary will work, its ultimate benefits to the marine mammals, and we ask – how do you transport these huge, yet very delicate, creatures. 


Aerial view of sanctuary site.
A concept image of the whale sanctuary planned for Port Hilford in the Sherbrooke area of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. – The Whale Sanctuary Project.
Image: The Whale Sanctuary Project

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