How Climate Change Is Making You Sick | Episode 6

With Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran,

Around the world, warmer temperatures are creating a whole host of health challenges, and at our current state, researchers warn that climate change will affect every single stage of a child’s life.

On this episode of the Big Blue Marble, Anwar Knight welcomes medical journalist, Dr. Amitha Kalaichandran, to give is a check up on how climate change is making us sick.

“A warmer planet means more potential for death and illnesses related to higher temperatures. it means lower air quality, especially in densely populated areas. mosquitoes, ticks, and other carriers of infectious diseases can cover a wider geographic range and for a longer span of the year”, says Dr. Kalaichandran.

From heat stress, to asthma, and even a possible link between air pollution and miscarriages, this episode gives you lots to think about. It’s an eye opening examination that ranges from personal health and well being, to the health care system that will be even more challenged to provide due to our changing planet.


Courtesy: Joshua Stevens/NASA Earth Observatory A massive blue-green algae bloom spreading across the western half of Lake Erie in summer of 2019. The darker green patches indicate where the bloom was most dense and where toxicity levels were unsafe for recreational activities. The toxin contained in this bloom is “Microcystin”, which can cause liver damage, numbness, dizziness and vomiting.

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