Santa’s Home is Melting & The Reindeer are Dying | Episode 7

It’s not something you will see on the front of a Christmas card, but it’s happening. I hate to be the Grinch during this festive season, but these details should be unwrapped quickly.On this special Christmas edition of the Big Blue Marble, we explore the climate change reality of some of the most iconic symbols in the land of holiday magic- the North Pole.

After Santa and his famous reindeer finish their enchanting journey around the world they’ll head home to a place where there is no soil, just ice. The next generation of children may be learning a new Christmas story after Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick’s home disappears into our oceans and waterways. And what about the reindeer? How do they handle climate change.  Let’s hope Rudolph doesn’t really go down in history.

This holiday-themed edition is not candy-coated, but we will try to help with my top three tips on how you can make this Christmas more eco-friendly. Hint: All that glitters, does not necessarily shine.

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